Interactive Alphabet updated with Tracing and Custom Words!

Interactive Alphabet Introducing the NEW Interactive Alphabet! We’ve added a Friendly Tracing mode that will appeal to even the youngest youngsters. You can now add your own photos and words to the app, and they will appear in baby, explore, and trace modes! Download now! Interactive Alphabet Screenshot


addyourown Our new friendly letter tracing mode will introduce your toddler to the shapes of the letters and ease them into tracing short words and even their name!

Y is for You

yisforyou Completely personalize Interactive Alphabet with your own photos and voice. Add "M is for Mom" or "G is for Grandpa", or make a whole new set of alphabet cards!


stickers Kids will love to earn Stars for tracing letters and Stickers for tracing words. It's a fun and easy way to see which letters and words your child traces the most.   Tell your friends! Interactive Alphabet now with Tracing and Custom Words!
by Ben