Make your new iOS 7 device baby friendly

ios7settingsHere are some tips for making that shiny new iOS 7 iPhone or iPad more baby friendly:

Control Center

This handy new feature can be troublesome for swipe-happy hands. Luckily, you can disable being to activate from inside apps. Head to the Settings app and tap on "Control Center" on the left sidebar. Next just flip the switch on "Access WIthin Apps".

Endless Folders

Folders are now bottomless so you can throw as many apps as you want into one. For a kid's device put everything that's not an approved app into one folder and hide it away. Conversely, on your own device you can make one folder for your child that can have as many apps as they want in it.

Multi-tasking gestures

Since iOS 6 iPads have had some multi-finger gestures that make getting out of apps a breeze for adults and kids alike. Disable these to keep your little one from accidentally leaving their favorite alphabet app. In the Settings app tap on "General" in the left sidebar. Now flip the switch on "Multitasking Gestures.

Guided Access

If you'd like to take complete control of what your baby can and cannot do in an app you can enable Guided Access to do things like block areas of the screen from being touchable, disable the home and volume buttons and a few other things. Enable Guided Access by going to the Settings app and tapping "General" in the left sidebar. Tap on "Accessibility" then scroll down to find "Guided Access". Turn it on and set a passcode. Now when you launch an app triple click the home button to start Guided Access.


Ever find your baby holding your phone and the icons are doing the "delete me please" jiggle? Lock that and a lot of other things down with Restrictions. In the Settings app tap on "General" in the left sidebar then tap on "Restrictions". There you can disable things like installing or deleting apps, making in-app purchases, internet access, and just about anything else you don't want your baby to do unintentionally.
by Ben