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  • My baby keeps getting out of the app. Help!

    To prevent your baby from swiping out of the app go to Settings>General and turn off "Multitasking Gestures". To prevent your baby from exiting the app with the Home Button, use the Guided Access feature. Go to Settings>Accessibility>Guided Access to turn it on.
  • How do I play the game?

    Check out our How to Play book for some key pointers:
  • My child has trouble holding the iPad right

    Since this app requires a bit of iPad holding skill, it can be hard for younger kids to get the hang of it. For kids under 4 the best ways for them to play Mask Jumble that we've found are:
    • Sitting in an adult's lap where the adult can hold the iPad and the child can use both hands to interact with the app
    • Using an iPad stand, check out some of these ideas for handmade ones
    • At a table with the bottom of the iPad resting on the table. Some coffee tables are great heights for little ones to stand and use the app with.
  • The app doesn’t recognize my face

    This app can be a bit tricky since you have to get the iPad or iPhone's front camera to see your face well. Don't worry, we've got some tips and tricks and once you get the hang of it it'll be a breeze. First, make sure you're holding the device in a comfortable position. Hold the iPad or iPhone out at about arm's length to get your whole face in view. It helps to set the bottom of the iPad on a table or on your lap and then angle the iPad until you can see yourself. If possible use an iPad stand so you don't have to hold it at all. If you don't have a stand we have some great ideas from our Craft Lab for making one out of things around your house! Check them out here. If your masks keep falling off even after you've got the right hold on the iPad then it could be a lighting issue. The camera doesn't like too much or too little light. Stay away from big windows or lamps pointed at your face. Also watch out for situations that are too dark, though if you turn your device brightness up it should provide enough light.
  • I don’t hear any sound

    iPad Most sound issues are caused by the iPad's finicky settings and mute function. Make sure you follow the steps outlined here carefully to find out if your iPad could be muted: How to tell if your iPad is muted Also try visiting Settings > General > Use Side Switch to: and switching that back and forth a few times. Sometimes the mute just gets stuck and it needs to be shaken loose. iPhone Make sure your phone is not muted. It helps to quit the app, flip the mute switch so that it is not silenced, turn the volume up and then try launching the app again. After going through those steps thoroughly it helps to try restarting or reinstalling To Restart hold the top button down until the red slider appears to turn it off. After you've turned it off hold the button again to turn it back on. To reinstall the app first delete the app by holding down on the icon then click the X that appears, then go to the App Store and download it again. You will never be charged twice for an app you've purchased.

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