Pi’ikea St. (pee-ee-kay-uh) loves to make things that make kids happy.

We believe the apps your child spends time with should contribute to healthy development and encourage positive behaviors.
  • An Expression of Care
  • A Safe Option for Kids and Parents
  • Engaging and Fun Ways to Learn
  • Uncommon Value

An Expression of Care

Here at Pi’ikea Street, we are interested in helping parents and children connect in a healthy, supportive and educational way. With new technology comes an onslaught of new content, most of which is not necessarily developed with the goal of growing healthy young minds. Mr. Rogers saw this when television became popular, and he strove to provide an “expression of care” that was sorely missing in most programming. We aim to provide the same for this new wave of technology. We want your child’s experience with these new devices to not be empty, mindless distractions. Instead, we want to provide opportunities for healthy development and interaction with positive influences and enriching content.

A Safe Option For Kids and Parents

The apps created at Pi’ikea Street are safe for kids to use. Our apps are free from violent and destructive messages and encourage positive interactions and good behavior. They are designed to be extremely kid-friendly so that kids can use and discover them on their own without your having to worry about them needing help or being flung into the app store or the internet.

Engaging and Fun Ways to Learn

Kids learn much better when they can engage and interact with content naturally. That is why we design our apps to be as easy to access as possible, paving the way for kids of all abilities including babies, toddlers, and kids with special needs to jump straight into an enriching and engaging experience. Our apps are full of characters kids can connect and play with giving them a fun environment to learn and play in.

Uncommon Value

We put a vast amount of work into designing and producing the best quality apps available. The apps are then rigorously tested with a group of children to ensure they are interesting, fun and accessible to a variety of ages and ability levels. Parents’ input is equally, if not more, important to us since you are using the apps just as often. We also make apps universal so they can be bought once and used on all of your family’s iPads, iPhones, and iPods.