Adventurer’s Belt

Make your next outdoor adventure complete with a cool customizable Adventurer’s Belt!

Adventurer's Belt Main

Here’s what you need to make this handy dandy belt:

Adventurer's Belt Materials

  • Velcro
  • Nylon strapping
  • Center release buckle
  • 1 Sheet of felt or scraps of fabric
  • Sewing machine or thread & needle


To make the pouch, cut a strip of felt an inch wider than you’d like your pocket to be.  Then sew on a smaller strip, several inches from the top to start the belt loop.

Adventurer's Belt Sew 1
The pin is there to mark the pouch flap’s fold.

Next, sew down the bottom of the belt loop.  Sew a piece of Velcro to the bottom of the felt strip.

Adventurer's Belt Sew 2

Then, fold the pouch inside out and pin the pocket together.  Sew the sides of the pouch up and finish off by sewing the other piece of the Velcro.

Adventurer's Belt Sew 3

To make a simple stick holder, just sew a strip of fabric together then follow the same belt loop instructions as above.  This is where a needle and thread come in handy.

Start the belt by cutting the nylon strapping a few inches longer than your child’s waist.  Thread one end of the strap through the end of the buckle with just one loop and sew the strap together.  Thread the other end of the strap through the adjustable loop end of the buckle.  It’s easiest to fit the belt on your child first before sliding on the pouches.

Adventurer's Belt Play

Have fun adventuring!