Support and FAQ

If you need some help or have some questions about Interactive Alphabet, please send us one of these electro-telegrams and we will be all over it.

Address your electro-telegram to support at


I’ve got no sound, what gives?
Can’t hear anything from the app? Most likely it’s because of our pesky little friend the mute switch on the side of your iPad or iPhone. If you’re on an iPad and didn’t know that it had a mute button, click here for more details.

I’m stuck on the letter O or letter Q screen, how do I continue?
While you’re playing with the olives or with the quill we wanted to give you max screen space so we cleared away the navigational buttons. If you stop touching the screen for just a few seconds the buttons will come back and you can continue on to a new letter.

The music seems too loud can I adjust the volume?
Right now there is not a way to change the volume of the music by itself. However, if you touch the music note on the bottom right a few times you can turn the music off.