Mask Jumble Halloween

Kids will love making virtual masks on top of their own face! Mask Jumble is the first augmented reality game for kids which uses face recognition to let them pretend and match animal masks in a real time video mirror.  Catch snacks in your mouth to unlock new masks. Use the wild button to make silly mask combinations. You are the game when all the parts to your favorite animal are matched together.

10 halloween themed masks(40 unique pieces!).

** Appropriate for ages 4-8. Get the FREE version to try it out!

What will you be this halloween?

Stare into the in-app mirror and mask parts will appear on your face. As you move, the mask will stay on your face. Touch your ears, nose, chin, or hair to change each part of the mask. Find your favorite halloween mask or make a completely new one. Looking at the dressed up-you is mesmerizing!

A new kind of matching game

Draw a card for a halloween match challenge. Match your mask to the mask on the card by finding the right pieces. Automatic hints will help you along the way.

Win new masks

After you make a complete mask, your robot friend will drop candy corns for you to catch in your mouth. Catch enough and you’ll unlock a new halloween mask!

You and your Halloween mask

Take pictures of animal-you for your in-app gallery. Share custom postcards with friends and family.

To render the dressed up-you, the app must be able to see your whole face clearly:

– lighting should not be too bright or too dark
– hold the device steady
– keep your face centered in the mirror