Photo Bobo

Oo oo ah ah!! AH AH EEE OO OO OOH! Oooo.

BOBO! I’m trying to type the app description right now! Ok, let’s see. Babies LOVE the Photos app but they are always getting into trouble editing or sharing the pictures, so we made it baby safe! Our app features OOOH OO OO AH AH!!! EE EEE EEEEE!!!

What now Bobo?!?


You? Oh, it features you? Ok, yes, the app features Bobo the monkey!


Let your babies swipe through their favorite photos of your family without getting stuck in editing mode or accidentally sharing OOH *Bobo stop it* without accidentally sharing OOH OOOH! What is it now?

Oo ee oo ee oooooo!

Bobooooo! Stop putting mustaches on everyone. No hats either. And no sunglasses!


Alright, time to say bye bye Bobo.

Ah ah BOBO!

Simian Approved Features:

  • SAFE: No sharing or editing pictures.
  • EASY: No setup required! Use Camera Roll (free) or Photo Streams / Albums (in-app purchase)
  • bannanaz
  • FUN: Bobo’s sillyness encourages swiping through photos.
  • trow pooo
  • ^ there is no poo throwing in this app.

Super Parent Pro Tip: Use Guided Access to prevent exiting the app with the home button or swipe gestures.

The baby safe photo browser!