Confetti Launchers

We love celebrating Independence Day but it’s kind of a bummer most residential areas don’t allow popping of fireworks.  We’ve got an easy (and cheap) solution for your kids to still enjoy the 4th of July with a bang.

Confetti Launchers Main

Materials you’ll need:

  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Decorative paper or markers
  • 12” balloons
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • Scissors


  1. Cut some paper into confetti sized squares.  Set aside.
  2. Next, decorate your tubes anyway you like.  Here I just taped some patriotic themed paper to each tube.
  3. Then, cut a balloon in half and tie the end.  Confetti Launchers BalloonWrap the larger end of the balloon over one end of a tube and secure with tape.  Try your best to keep the balloon taut but don’t bend the tube.  And that’s it.

Confetti Launchers Complete

Take your poppers and stash of confetti outside.  To use your popper, add a heavy pinch of confetti to the tube.  Point the tube out, pull back the balloon end and let go.  No big bangs or smoke but still very cool!  Don’t you think?

Confetti Launchers Play

Enjoy your holiday!