DIY iPad Stands

What do Tinker Toys, Legos and an egg carton have in common?  They all make awesome iPad stands!  The craft lab came up with 4 simple hacks to share with you so you can play the latest Pi’ikea Street game, Mask Jumble, with ease.

DIY iPad Stand Main

Tinker Toys

DIY iPad Stand 04

You’ll need two sets of the pieces assembled in photo 2 (above).  Use the rounded circle pieces with the six holes.  And connect both sets with a blue stick.

DIY iPad Stand 03


DIY iPad Stand 05

Photo 1 above shows how the first layer is arranged on a flat green Duplo plate.  Then start building up, making sure you use the 4×2 bricks to stabilize the back rows.  The higher you stack the more vertical your iPad will stand.


DIY iPad Stand 06

The Legos can be arranged in the same manner as the Duplos.  This time use a 3 unit gap between the front and back rows.  Again, you can adjust the vertical stance of the iPad by building the back rows taller or shorter.

DIY iPad Stand 07

Egg Carton

DIY iPad Stand 01

In addition to the egg carton, you’ll need 4 wine corks and two pencils.  Cut a narrow strip, about 3/8” x 8”, in the egg carton top near the carton’s hinge.  Place the 4 wine corks in the middle egg holders tilting up toward the middle of the carton.  Close the top and poke the pencils through the top.  Start the game before sliding in the iPad.

DIY iPad Stand 02

There you are, 4 cool hacks to get your game on!  If you don’t own the full version of Mask Jumble Animals yet, you can check it out for free here Mask Jumble Animals FREE. Also check out Mask Jumble Halloween out now!

Have fun!