Frankenstein Shoes

This week in the craft lab, we are celebrating Halloween and the latest App update to Mask Jumble Halloween.  You can now download, print, and decorate your very own Halloween masks!

Frankenstein Mask

Now the only thing missing from this being an awesome Frankenstein costume are some shoes, wouldn’t you agree?  Here’s how we put together a pair of clompy looking clogs for Frankie.

Frankenstein Paint

First you’ll need to paint a couple of empty tissue boxes.

Frankenstein Shoelace Holes

While they are drying, cut some pieces of card stock to place on both sides of each shoe.  And punch holes in them for the shoelaces.

Frankenstein Shoe Tongue

For the shoe tongue, tape a piece of cardstock to the top of the shoe box.

Frankenstein Taped Side

Then tape the shoe lace hole pieces to the sides of each box.

Frankenstein Laced Up

Now it’s time to lace your shoes up! How do they look?

Frankenstein Play

We don’t recommend wearing the shoes outdoors but they’re still a lot of fun to use for dress-up.  By the way, these shoes make a great training tool for teaching kids how to tie their shoes!

Have fun!

p.s. Don’t forget to grab your Mask Jumble Animals update as well.  It includes printable masks you can color and put together for even more dress-up fun!