Neon Block Puzzle

A few months ago, an order of 1/2″ unfinished wooden blocks somehow ended up in my Etsy shopping cart.  Well, I had no other choice but to go ahead and complete the transaction.  They sat in the craft lab (all 192 of them) collecting dust while I tried to figure out how I would use them.  Then finally it hit me, after a box of neon paint pens stumbled into my shopping cart while walking through a local craft store.

Neon Puzzle Main
Neon bright blocks.

They were so simple to make, thanks to the paint markers.

Neon Puzzle Solid

To add diagonal and straight patterns, I used a bit of taper’s tape.

Neon Puzzle Tape

I then drew up some shapes on graph paper and made a mini puzzle game for my kids.

Neon Puzzle Play

The game was a hit with both my kids.

Neon Puzzle Playing

They especially liked the Boss Level.

Neon Puzzle Boss

If you scored over a hundred of these little wooden blocks, how would you use them?  Leave your answer in a comment below.  We love to hear from our readers.

Have fun!