Paper Bag Wings

Kids love dress up time!  And this craft will add another item to their treasure trove of costumes without breaking the bank.

Paper Bag Wings Main

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Paper grocery bag
  • Scissors
  • Poster paint
  • Stapler


  1. Cut the bottom out of a paper grocery bag and keep for later.  If the bag has handles, remove them and keep.
  2. Cut the bag open and fold in half.  Draw a wing shape and cut out. Paper Bag Wings Cut
  3. Open up the wings and paint.  Since this is such a large piece, we headed outside to paint.  Paper Bag Wings Paint
  4. Also paint the handles or bottom cut out from step 1.  Allow to dry and if your kiddos can wait, decorate the other side of the wings.
  5. Cut two 1” strips from the bottom of the bag.  These will become the handles your child will grab onto.  Compare the wings to your child’s arm span.  Create a loop with the strips and staple the handles to about where your child’s palms would be.  Paper Bag Wings Staple

The best place to test these wings out is at a park where your little birds can fly free.

Paper Bag Wings Complete

Have fun!