Pin Strummers

Let’s make some pin strummer instruments!

Pin Strummers Main

This craft is partly an experiment and discovery activity for your kids so I’m kind of steering away from our normal craft-project format.

First, have your kiddos gather items that they are able to place tape on.  Check the recycling bin too; there are lots of useful items in there.

You’ll also need bobby pins and tape for this activity.  Try to find bobby pins of different sizes too.

Next, widen several bobby pins and tape them onto the item.

Pin Strummers Tin

And in this case, into the item.

Pin Strummers Foam

To strum your strummer, gently push down on the pin’s end and allow it to pop back up.  Depending on the type of material your item is made of and other factors, you’ll either hear a “boing” or a “pop”. Try varying the width you stretch the pins before taping onto your item.  What do wide stretched pins sound like compared to pins barely spread open?

Experiment with where you place the pins.  What kind of tone do you get when you place the pin on the center of a jug vs. the edge?  I’ve found that placing the pins closer to the edge of an apple juice bottle can make a pretty low hum like a bass guitar.

Pin Strummers Plastic

Once you’re done finding the tone you like, can start your new jam band and make some pin strumming music.  Have fun!