Pins of the Week: Legos!

Here at Pi’ikea Street we love legos. They provide endless opportunities for fun and creativity, but we have also learned that they are great for teaching concepts as diverse as measuring and storytelling. Pinterest has an endless supply of wonderful ideas for using legos for fun and learning. Here are a few of our favorites starting with some learning ideas found on our Let’s Learn board:

duplo counting


These printable math cards from use Duplos to teach preschoolers numbers, counting and colors. I love that this concept is so simple and yet teaches so many different concepts at once. Great for a busy bag or quite time activity.


For slightly older kids, this post from One Perfect Day  has several great ideas for using legos in teaching math concepts. These would be perfect for keeping kids busy during the summer while also helping them retain their math skills.


Also from One Perfect Day, comes this simple yet genius idea for teaching letters using legos and playdough.



If you’re looking for some ways to keep kids busy on a hot summer afternoon, here are two of our favorite ideas from the Pi’ikea Street Boredom Busters board:

100 legos











From we found this delightful activity that combines building with storytelling and writing. The printable 100 Legos worksheet asks children to build anything they’d like using 100 legos then draw their creation and write a description or story about it. I was surprised at how enthusiastically my daughter entered into this activity. Even though she is not yet old enough to write, she loved telling me a story about her creation so that I could it write it on the worksheet for her. I also took a picture of what she had built and printed it on the back of the worksheet so we remembered exactly what it looked like. Very fun!

Marble maze

This lego marble maze idea from is a different way to get kids building and experimenting with legos.


We also tried out this unique art project that uses lego blocks as stamps to create fun patterns.

Of course, our favorite lego activity is still just pouring them out of the bin and building! What do your kids like to do with legos? Have you ever used them in learning activities? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!