Pirate Week: Pirate’s Map

Welcome back mateys!  We’re continuing our Pirate Week festivities with a fun pirate’s map tutorial.

Pirate Map Main
Does this island look familiar?

To get your map to look like an authentic pirate’s map, prep the edges by lining a ruler near the edge of the paper and tearing the excess off.

Pirate Map Tear
Use a thin paper like doodling paper.

This map is modeled after our Crossbones Island project from earlier this week.  Use permanent markers or non-washable colored pencils for your drawing.

Pirate Map Drawing

Once your drawing is complete, crumple your map into a ball.  Carefully open it back up and crumple it one or two more times.

Pirate Map Crumple

Next, flatten it on some newspaper.  This project is a great way to use up leftover tea and coffee.

Pirate Map Prep

You’ll then paint the coffee or tea (or combine them both if you have them available) onto the back and front of the map.  It’s best to use a wide paintbrush, especially if you have a large piece of paper to cover.

Pirate Map Paint

Either let the map dry on its own or have a grownup bake it in a warm oven (about 200°F) for 3-5 minutes.  It dries pretty quick in the oven so keep a close watch.  Use a dry cloth to rub off any dust from the coffee beans.

Pirate Map Complete

Now you’re done and ready for a treasure hunt!  If you’re looking for more pirate themed activities, check out our archives for the Retractable Telescope and Pirate Hat projects.

Happy Pirate Week everyone!!