PVC Construction Set

The summer heat is on and we’ll need to find ways to keep the kids cool and occupied while outdoors.  Your kids will gravitate toward the garden hose for sure so why not add a little science and construction to their play time.

PVC Construction Set Main

Supplies you’ll need:

  • ½” PVC pipe, at least one 10’ pole
  • Connectors, a good mix of T’s, elbows, and crosses (Make sure they fit the ½” pipe)
  • Caps and extenders
  • Garden hose adapter (Example)
  • Jet sprayers, (Example, a few adjustable ones are good too.)
  • Hacksaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill


  1. Use the hacksaw (or a band saw if you own one) to cut the PVC pipe into shorter pieces.  PVC Construction Set SawHere I cut one 20” long and the rest are 10”.
  2. Sand down the edges of each tube.
  3. Drill holes for the sprayers.  PVC Construction Set JetNote: It’s best to start small so the sprayers are able to screw in tight.  For these 10/32 thread sprayers, I used an 11/64 bit.
  4. Your set is complete.  PVC Construction Set PipesNow your kids can start building.  Connect the garden hose adapter and turn the water on.

Each structure you make will act differently.  Experiment and maybe get more pipes.  Who knows what your kids will come up with?!

PVC Construction Set Play
We learned the "faucet" wouldn't work unless the adjustable jet sprays were shut.