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Teacher Appreciation Pouch

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week takes place from May 7th to the 11th.  If you don’t already have plans to let your teacher know how cool they are, try downloading our Teacher Appreciation Pouch.  It’s simple to put together.

Teacher Appreciation Pouch Main

Here’s how:

  1. Download the teacup template. (See link below) And print on card stock.
  2. Fold along dotted line and cut out the template.  Make sure to leave the folded portion intact.
  3. Now  you should have 2 teacups joined together.  Cut the tabs off of one teacup. Fold the other teacup’s tabs in.  Teacher Appreciation Pouch OpenGlue tabs onto the other half.  Allow to dry. Teacher Appreciation Pouch Glued
  4. Decorate and maybe even add a little string and piece of paper to make it look like you’re steeping some yummy tea.  Don’t forget to let your teachers know how TEArriffic they are!  You can fill the pouch with anything small like a teabag or gift card. Teacher Appreciation Pouch Complete

Download Teacher Appreciation Pouch


We’ve also rounded up some other great Teacher Appreciation gifts from the web.  Here they are:

There you have it! You’ve got enough gifts here to make and give to your teacher everyday of the week.  Let’s make sure we let our teachers know how important they are.  They surely deserve it!