Thunder Noise Maker

While perusing through a music shop, I stumbled upon a thunder tube.  When shaken, it makes a rumble noise resembling rolling thunder.

Thunder Main

I found you can make your very own Thunder Noise Maker with a few items found in the home:

Thunder Supplies
The spring is from an old spiral notebook and the tube is just a painted paper towel tube.


Thunder Scissors

Cut the balloon and fit it over one end of the tube.

Thunder Balloon

Try to get the balloon as taut as you can without bending the tube too much.  Then secure it to the tube with tape.

Thunder Holes

Punch a few holes into the open end of the tube.  This step was added after completing the noise maker.  The holes make the rumbling a bit louder.

Thunder Pencil

Trace the open end of the tube on the cardboard and cut the piece out.  Use a sharp end, like a mechanical pencil tip, to poke a hole in the middle of the cardboard piece.  The spring should be an inch or two shorter than the length of tube.  Slide one end of the spring into the hole.

Thunder Spring

Secure the spring to the cardboard with some tape.  Place the spring into the tube.

Thunder Tape

Then add more tape to close up the top.  And now you’re ready to shake it up!

Thunder Noise Maker
Shake, shake, shake!

Have a rumbling good time!