Trinket Suitcases

Since kids love to collect things, I made mine a few suitcases to hold their little trinkets and treasures.

Suitcase Main

This project is a great way to use up your empty boxes.  And it’s a good time to take out your deco, washi, and electrical tape collection.

Suitcase Tapes


Suitcase Steps

First, open up the box and cut the tabs connected to the larger panel (1 & 2).  Then glue or tape the box back up.  Use the tabs cut from step 2 to fill in any side gaps (3).  Use deco or washi tape to decorate (4). To make a handle, decorate a strip of card stock (5). Then use a hole puncher and metal fastener to attach the handle to the suitcase (6). Create a “latch” by poking a small hole into the side and feed some string through it (7).  Knot the ends of the string so it doesn’t slip out.  Use another fastener for the string to loop around (8).  Now they’re ready to be filled!

Suitcase Mini
These were made from little cereal boxes.


Suitcase Medium
This one was made from a medium sized granola box.


Suitcase Caps
Perfect for your bottle cap collection!