Watercolor Effects

In this post, we’re demonstrating 3 easy watercolor effects. By the way, the watercolor paint used for these pictures are homemade!  You can grab the recipe from Mini-eco’s new book.  This recipe was easy to make and all the ingredients were from my pantry.

DIY Watercolors Stir
Simple to make and the kiddos will want to help as well.

The recipe did call for liquid glucose and I replaced it with light corn syrup.  The paints seemed to work out just fine.  If you do plan to make your own paint, just remember it takes about a day or two to dry out before you’re able to paint with it.

DIY Watercolors Dry

Of course, you could easily use store bought watercolors and still get these cool results.  Let’s begin!

1)  Salt creates an interesting crystallizing effect to watercolor paintings.  Sprinkle a few grains of salt onto the paint while wet.  Watercolor Effect Salt Wet Then when thoroughly dry, gently brush the salt off.  (Make sure your hand is dry.)

Watercolor Effect Salt Dry

Watercolor Effect Salt Complete

2)  Plastic wrap can create a variety of results.  While your paint is still wet, lay on a piece of plastic wrap.  Stretch the ends outwards but still allow to wrinkle to get a long streaky effect.  Watercolor Effect Plastic WetOr to get a more crumply texture, pinch the wrap in various spots of your painting.  Allow to dry completely with the plastic wrap on.  Peel off and paint or draw in your final details. Watercolor Effect Plastic Dry

Watercolor Effect Plastic Complete

3)  Create resistance by using oil pastels.  Draw a pattern or picture with pastels.  Then paint over.  You’ll see the paint will absorb only on the paper not drawn on.  Pretty cool, huh? Watercolor Effect Main

What are some methods you use to spice up your watercolor paintings? We’d love to hear about them!

Happy painting!