Zipline Target Game

Let’s zipline some  “brick buddies” into a field of targets! This activity will surely amuse your little ones when you’re homebound.

Zipline Play 2

Here’s how to set up the game:

  1. Create some targets.  Here I included a 5-pointer, two 3-pointers, and three 1-pointers.  Plastic food also makes good targets to knock down.
  2. Here we used Lego Minifigures but any type of miniature figurine will work.  Your brick buddies will need a paperclip to zipline with.  If you don’t have Lego parts for the paperclip to hook onto, simply tie a loop around one of their wrists.  Zipline Paperclips
  3. Place an adult-sized chair and a kid-sized chair at least six feet apart.  Tie some string from one chair to the other.
  4. Set up your playing field under the string and let the games begin! Zipline Playing Field
  5. To play: Allow a player to zip their brick buddy down the string.  Have your child strum down on the string to send the brick buddy flying.  To gain some points, your buddy needs to land on (or near) a target.  Zipline 3 PointsDon’t forget to keep track of your points.

Zipline Main

May the best brick buddy win!