Interactive Alphabet for iPad!

We are so happy to announce the release of our very first application Interactive Alphabet for iPad!

Learn more about it here or check out our demo video:

You can buy it on the iTunes store here:

App Description:

Learn the alphabet with bright, colorful, interactive, illustrated flash cards! Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers will love seeing, hearing, and interacting with the fun animated pictures.

✓ Original characters and artwork make it easy for kids to pick up!
✓ Fun animations and sound effects peak your child’s curiosity
✓ Memorable unique interactions keep your child coming back for more
✓ Fun and upbeat Original Music — keeps you dancing, not wincing

This app keeps kids (and some parents too) entertained long enough that you’ll lose track of time!

“My 3 year old loves it. And she is pretty advanced, she regularly plays Angry Birds and other apps on her iPhone (she got the hand-me-down).

Her favs are the train, birthday cake, and apple.” — Chris P., parent beta tester

“train thing again!” – Madeleine, 2 years old, beta tester. Madeleine’s favorite card: T for Train

“cool!” – Amaya, 5 years old, beta tester.
Amaya’s favorite card: Q for quill

“apple!!!!” – Nadaley, 2 years old, beta tester.
Nadaley’s Favorite card: B for Beach

“What?!?!?!?!!?!!” – Brenna, 5 years old, beta tester.
Brenna’s favorite card: T for Train

“My five year old thinks it’s quite a bit of fun.” – Chad J, parent beta tester.