Numerical Order Game

Most kids, like my 3 year old, are visual learners.  He can count to 20 really well but pop him a question about which number comes when and he is stumped.  So I made him this visual tool to help him understand numerical order better.

Numbers and Doors Main

It’s simple to put together.  Here’s how:

  • Download and print the file below.  We only go up to 10 (so far) but you can easily draw your own tool if your little one is learning to recognize higher numbers.
  • With a craft knife, cut open the doors but leave a bit intact for the hinge.
  • Glue both sheets together.
  • This part is optional.  You can glue on a bead to create a door knob.  Or what I did, was punch a hole and taped string to each door.

Download Numbers & Doors


This visual is especially good if your little one is just learning to recognize numbers.  Use it sort of like flashcards but instead knock on the door and see who is home.  Of course, you can print a separate number sheet to make your own flashcards.

Another way to use this tool is to open all doors but one.  Then have your child figure out what number is behind the closed door.  When this game becomes too easy for your child try closing all doors but one and then ask what number comes before (or after) the open door.  Let them peek after they’ve given you their answer and don’t forget if you need more counting practice, download our app Counting Bees.

Numbers and Doors Play

Have fun counting!