Cracked Coloring Page

If you’re wondering how to jazz up your coloring pages for our Color for iPods Contest then this one’s for you!  This mixed media method is a fun way to create texture in any kind of art you make.

Cracked Coloring Page Main

First off, print out your coloring page.  Color it in with crayons.  The trick here is to press hard while coloring.  You also want to color the background as much as you can.  Next, crumple up your page.  Yes, scrunch it up into a ball and be sure not to tear it.

Cracked Coloring Page Crumpled

Gently open it back up and ball it up again.  Next flatten it out with your hand.  Now choose a poster paint color that will contrast the background of your picture.  Brush the paint all over the picture and then dab gently to get the paint into the crevices.

Cracked Coloring Page Paint

Carefully rinse off the poster paint as well as the back side of the page.  Lay it flat on a dry towel and allow to dry.  Once dried, set the painting on one side of the towel and fold the other half over.  Iron it using a medium heat setting to get any big creases out.  And you’re done!  Oh, don’t forget to submit your page before the 25th of every month.  We can’t wait to see your masterpiece in the gallery.

Cracked Coloring Page Vase
Use this fun method to make all kinds of artwork!

Good luck!