Climbing Robot

Climbing toys have been around for quite some time.  They are usually made of wood.  And according to Martha Stewart, this toy trained pioneer children to milk cows.  Amazing!

Climbing Robot Main

First download and print the Climbing Robot file.

Download Climbing Robot


Apply a thin coat of glue to a cereal box.

Climbing Robot Glue
Tip: Use a small piece of cardboard to smooth glue on.

Stick the robot on, pin down and allow it to dry.

Climbing Robot Dry

Cut the robot out.

Climbing Robot Cut
Tip: Curve the tabs a bit for a cleaner look.

Place double-sided tape to the back of the hands.  And stick on a short piece of straw.

Climbing Robot Straw

Fold over and secure with tape.

Climbing Robot Fold

Cut some string about 3 feet long and thread through the straw pieces.  Tie beads to each end.

Climbing Robot Beads

Hang on a doorknob or hook.  Pull ends of string alternately to get the robot to reach the top.

Climbing Robot Play

Have fun!