Hanging Garden Bauble

Beading can be a lot of fun for kids but what do you make once you’ve given everyone you know a bracelet and necklace?  How about this colorful hanging bauble for your garden?

Garden Bauble Main

Here’s what you need to make this outdoor ornament:

  • String or beading elastic
  • Beads
  • Plastic Dividers (Example)
  • Jingle bell
  • Washers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Hole punch, 1/8”


  1. Take 4 dividers of different colors, and then cut two 1¼” strips from each.  Then cut 1½” off from one set of the colored strips.  Do the same for the two other colors making each shorter than the other.  Then punch a hole on the ends of each strip.  The 8 strips should look like this: Garden Bauble Plastic Strips
  2. Cut about 18 inches of beading elastic.  Tie the jingle bell to one end.
  3. Then start to bead the bauble together, starting with 2 beads.  Then thread on one end of the longest plastic strips and then a few more beads.  Keep repeating this process until you reach the shortest set of strips.Garden Bauble Beading
  4. Once you finish threading one end of the shortest strips, thread on several beads (here 14 beads are used).  And then thread on the other end of the shortest strips.  Repeat the threading process until you get to the longest set of strips. Garden Bauble Middle
  5. Once your longest set is threaded, place a washer, a couple of beads.  Depending on how heavy your washer is, you might need to top it with another.
  6. Separate the strips to create colorful circles.

Now your garden bauble is ready to be hung.  It’s a gorgeous way to add color to your garden any time of the year.