iOS Resolution Quick Reference

I keep finding myself looking up and figuring out the different resolutions for all the different screen sizes on iPhones and iPads and how they relate to each other. iOS developers now find themselves needing to support 4 different screen resolutions and it can get a bit confusing. I’ve scrawled all the helpful things I need all over index cards and notebooks as I’ve been working but always seem to be missing the bit I need. So I whipped up, a quick visual reference for iOS resolutions. I completely copied the styles from What Time is it There? so I guess now we have a series of “quick visual reference cards”. :)

Check it out and let me know what you think. All of this is from what I’ve personally discovered and found useful for myself. If anyone thinks this data is incorrect or has something they’d like added just give me a shout. I will say that the jump from iPhone Retina and iPad in the percentages gets a little hairy and they are not exact, they are estimates and are what I’ve found useful.