Mixed-up Faces

Use up your old magazines to make some very interesting mixed-up faces.  If your kids have a wacky sense of humor, like mine do, they will certainly get a kick out of this activity.  And they’re so simple to make!

Mixed-up Faces Main

Here’s how:

  • First cut out nose, hair, eyes and mouth pieces from magazine pages.  Don’t worry if they’re not all of the same scale.  If you don’t have any old magazines to cut up, the thrift stores usually have back issues for 50¢ each.
  • Choose a hair piece and cut out a head shape for it from another piece of paper.  Glue the hair on.Mixed-up Faces Heads
  • Next let your kids pick out the rest of the face and have them glue the pieces on.Mixed-up Faces Assembly
  • Since we had a few larger sized faces, thanks to Time Magazine, we turned them into goofy masks by taping a bamboo stick to the back.

Mixed-up Faces Play

Mixed-up Faces Play

You look marvelous!