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Lion Mask

You can be the king of the jungle with our latest printable or our latest app, Mask Jumble Animals.  We thought of 3 fun ways to decorate this adorable yet fierce lion mask.  But first, download the file then print the pages out on card stock.

Download Lion Mask


Scrapbook Paper

Lion Mask Scrapbook Paper

Make some rough cuts around the edges of the mane pieces.  Flip the printed sides over because you’ll need the lines to guide you when it’s time to cut. This method is a great way to use up scraps of paper.  Cut them into wavy strips.  Use a popsicle stick to smooth and push out extra glue.  Allow to dry before cutting.  Leave a tab when cutting the ears out.  Fold the tabs and glue under them.  This will give your ears some extra dimension.

Lion Mask Scrapbook Paper Play


Lion Mask Yarn

First, assemble the mask.  A craft knife works best when removing the eye and mouth portions.  Color in the nose and snout with black and white crayons.  A thick yarn is used for the mane but any type will work.  Glue as you go.  When you’re through, glue on the ears.

Lion Mask Yarn Play


Lion Mask Pompom

This method was my daughter’s idea.  I’m sure the lion on the pompom’s packaging helped with her decision.

There is something about these masks that definitely releases the inner animal in kids.  My kids would instantly roar out loud as soon as I tied them on.   I bet your kids will too!

Lion Mask Pompom Play

Have fun!