Monster Mouth

The latest app that’s all the rage in our house these days is Monster Mouth. You become a dentist to the scary set except today they are not so scary, they have bad oral hygiene! Each monster comes to you with a series of tasks that need to be done on their teeth and each is a fantastically fun experience.

We love this app because it is great clean (figuratively and literally!) fun and is beautifully made. Each monster is a unique experience and each have their own high quality art, music, and interactions. The app is FREE and includes the first few monsters with in-app purchase for many more monsters. It is really a great value and you won’t grow tired of cleaning up those monster molars, though you arm might go wobbly from all that brushing.

Check out the demo video:


You can download Monster Mouth on the iTunes App Store here.

And follow the team (nice work team!) at Breaktime Studios here:

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