Pi’ikea St. Faves: Little Rabbit Goes to School

This is the first in a new section where we’ll highlight some of our favorite kid’s stuff. Stay tuned for more awesome stuff we’ve found!

As many children are returning to school this week (or have already started back), I was reminded of my favorite starting school book for the smallest students among them. Little Rabbit Goes to School by Harry Horse is the perfect book for calming the nerves and allaying the fears of children entering pre-school or kindergarten. The antics of little rabbit and his best friend horse are both entertaining and informative. As they navigate the new world of school, little rabbit and horse learn how to make friends, share, and listen to instructions, having fun all the while! The warm, detailed illustrations that accompany the story truly make this book a treasure. From the homey rabbit burrow to the bright, welcoming classroom, children will love following little rabbit on his school adventure.

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