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Popup Shave Ice Shack

Cool off with a fun Shave Ice Shack paper craft.

Shave Ice Play

Okay, maybe it won’t cool you off but it is definitely fun to imagine you’re in Hawai’i enjoying this sweet, icy treat with your Pi’ikea Street pals.  It’s easy to put together. Here’s how:

  • Just download the file and print on cardstock.  Then cut the pieces out.
  • To stabilize your characters, cut inch wide strips of cardstock then cut slits on the end.  Fold the ends and connect them to your characters.  Shave Ice Base
  • Don’t forget to cut small slits in their hands so they’re able to hold onto their snack.
  • Feel free to add some color with markers or crayons too.

Download Shave Ice Shack

Shave Ice Complete

Stay cool!