Take-out Container Airplanes

We’ve got another fun use for foam take-out containers.  In a previous post, we made stamps.  This time we’re making airplanes!

Take-out Airplanes Main

  • First cut out the tops and bottoms out of the container so you have flat pieces.
  • The simplest way to make a symmetrical shape is to make a stencil out of paper.  Cut the paper the same size as your foam piece and fold in half.  Draw on half of your design then cut out.
  • You can then trace the stencil shape onto a foam piece.
  • Cut that piece out and then tape a dime or penny about an inch away from the plane’s nose.
  • Cut two slits on each wing for the rudders.
  • Finally, to make a handle to grip onto the plane, fold the middle portion of a piece of tape then stick it to the middle of the plane.  Now the plane is complete and ready to fly.

Take-out Airplanes How-to

These are the planes we designed:

Take-out Airplanes 01
Our original design.
Take-out Airplanes 02
A paper clip was used instead of tape and doubles as a grip.
Take-out Airplanes 03
We even made a heart shaped plane and actually flew the best of the 4.
Take-out Airplanes 04
A kite inspired airplane design.

Fly high and have fun!